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Chainstay is an emo/punk band from St. Louis Missouri. Born as a side project of front man Caleb Rose's other band Must Build Jacuzzi. Chainstay aims to tackle more somber subject matter such as heartbreak through divorce and learning to navigate through some of the darkest times life throws your way. With fast aggressive instrumentation and vocal melodies to shout along to, the band is sure to bring an energetic live show full of circle pits and stage dives. 

The band started in the winter of 2022 with Caleb and Thomas getting together to start writing songs for an EP which they would begin recording in February 2023.  Their debut EP "Trying to Hold Together" will be available on 15 Sep on Small Step Records digitally, and on CD via the Small Step Store.  With the release of their EP, Chainstay will soon be playing shows across the midwest.