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'A DIY Indie NonProfit Label'...?

Our 'Do-It-Yourself' label was born out of a network of independent artists, working together to maximize efforts, encourage one another, and expand the collective reach to a niche audience.  With shared roots in the Indie Vision Music community, this label is run by members of bands, for bands. This is not your typical commercial record label.  We are a non-profit organization.  Artists always keep 100% of the rights and ownership of their music. Small Step operations are sustained through donations and merchandise sales.  Money that comes into Small Step goes directly back into supporting the bands.

What does 'Faith-Based' mean?

The Small Step family is focused on partnering with independent artists, many who write with a Christian faith & world-view.  That can mean the artists are either overtly addressing faith-based topics in their lyrics, or artists have some level of Christian faith and are just expressing themselves and writing about life experiences. To us, faith-based means the songs are about issues, struggles, doubts, life, love, relationships, or whatever the writer wants to express.  Our mission is to support the promotion of quality music that ultimately shares a message of hope, love, being authentic, challenging injustice & bringing restoration. 

We hope that Small Step Records can be THE place for faith-based pop punk, skate punk, easycore, emo & ska music.

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doing it on our own, together!

We hope to build a community that unites and promotes independent artists...all done in true DIY fashion.  We hope to offer the following benefits of being associated with our 'label':

  • Niche Fan Base - These are your people who Love God, Love Others, AND Listen to Pop Punk!
  • Financial Assistance - Merch / Graphic Design / Promotions / Production 
  • Online Merch Store - We handle all merch distribution/sales/shipping - profits above operating costs go back into the band!
  • Good Ol' Fashion Moral Support


Indie band on a label?

- Artists retain rights:
   - Ownership
   - Copyright
   - Publishing
- Money above operating costs goes directly back into the artist


Let us be a part of your team!

- Artist Electronic Press Kit/Page
- Links to Band Sites
- Social Media/Music News Sites Promotion
- Community Support/Hype
- Help w/Playlist & Radio Submissions

Distribution / Merch

Tailored to your needs

- Online Store
- Digital Distribution
- Reach a global audience
- No left over stock
- On-Demand/Print To Order Merchandise:
   - CDs, Stickers, Buttons
   - T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Patches

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Photos courtesy of Homeplate, At The Wayside-credit: David Hegge @ Gingersmith Photography, Last Chance Marie-credit: Bill Glisky