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Our DIY label was born out of a network of independent artists, working together to maximize efforts, encourage one another, and expand the collective reach to a niche audience.  With shared roots in the Indie Vision Music community, this label is run independently by bands, for bands. 

The Small Step family is focused on partnering with independent artists, many who write from the Christian faith perspective.  Our mission is to support the promotion of quality music that shares a message of hope and love,  while assisting artists to take the next small step with sharing their art.  We hope that Small Step can be THE place for faith based pop punk.

This is not your typical record label.  Artists always keep 100% of the rights and ownership of their music. Any money that comes into Small Step goes directly back into supporting the bands through music releases, merchandise, & promotions.



doing it on our own, together!

We hope to build a community that unites and promotes independent artists...all done in true DIY fashion. 

Our tight community encourages and supports each other, and works as a collective team through:

  • Shared Fan Bases
  • Social Media Reach
  • Shared Resources, Knowledge & Expertise
  • Artist Collaboration
  • Financial Assistance - Merch / Promotions / Production / Recording / Mixing / Mastering
  • Online Merch Store
  • Good Ol' Fashion Moral Support


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Photos courtesy of Homeplate, At The Wayside-credit: David Hegge @ Gingersmith Photography, Last Chance Marie-credit: Bill Glisky