grandpa loves rhinos


Location: Idaho/North Carolina, USA

Grandpa Loves Rhinos is an emo rock/pop punk band comprised of two brothers, Paul (drums) and Seth (guitar/bass/vocals) Hyde.  The name comes from their late Grandpa "Rawhide" who happened to really love rhinos. 

Originally rooted in North Idaho, their jobs in the Air Force and Space Force have forced them to live hundreds of miles away from each other, separated by mountains, valleys, and creatures of the deep. Although distance plagues these brothers, their desire to create music burns eternal. GLR creates music in correspondence, never setting foot in the same room together, although keeping them connected through a shared passion. 

This fantastic duo is on a mission to win your heart and mind with sentimental, nostalgic yearning, and quirky yet thought-provoking lyrics from a Christian perspective. 
 For fans of Relient K, Five Iron Frenzy, Number One Gun...or pretty much anything from Tooth & Nail Records. 

The band first made their official debut in 2018 when they released their first EP, "Better Eat Your Wheaties" (via Indie Vision Music 2018), including the hit single "What We Used To Do". 
 Their full length album "Searching in the Sarchasm" was also released via Indie Vision Music in Aug 2020.

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Searching in the Sarchasm

Grandpa Loves Rhinos

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