Light The Way

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Long Story Short

Light The Way

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Full Length Album

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Hailing from Sacramento, California, this four-piece blends their favorite brands of punk rock: pop punk, skate punk, and melodic hardcore. Their oftentimes tongue-in-cheek lyrics are intended to speak truth and positivity in a world filled with divisiveness and chaos. 

Light The Way started in 2016 and released their first EP, “Grace” late that year and their second EP, “Dude, Lame” just a few months later on Indie Vision Music. They released their first full length record “False Memory Syndrome” in 2018 and another EP “Dad Gang” in 2019, both on Indie Vision Music. The band took the extra time through the Covid-19 pandemic to write a batch of new songs and a second full length was recorded in summer 2021.  The band caught the eager eyes & ears of Small Step Records.

Their single, "Worrywart", released on 2.18.22 which has elements of Light The Way's classic skate punk and pop punk sound, but also includes some more ambient and somber tones.  The song discusses current tensions and distinctions between faith and political ideals, with a hopeful and energetic resolution.  

The band dropped a lyric video for the first track, titled "Goofball", off the new album.  It's an anthem for the "older" rockers, referencing back aches, collection of band shirts, and telling the same stories over again.  

"Long Story Short" was released 1 April 2022!!! 
Stream it on your favorite platform, download it on bandcamp, or buy a physical cd from the Small Step Store

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