1. Wrong Kingdom

From the recording Welcome To Breitenstein


We will never be silenced
We'll raise our fist in defiance
Next time you try to tell us that we can't be all we wanna be
It's hard to be glad when you're the source of all the negativity
I can't adjust to the brightness
With this transgression before us
If I was wrong with what I said I offer my repentance
If it's all the same, I'll take the blame and I will take my penance

This ain't what you wanted
You'll fight this fight yourself
Today grows colder
When we find ourselves in between
The lies of what we're meant to be

We can't be free til we're immortal!

[Spoken Word]
Be aware daydreamers
And awake oh sleepers
We salute, we stand
Hand over chest
Kneeling to ideology
While creating idolatry
Only to find we casted all our cares on the wrong kingdom
Do you hear that sound?
It's time to wake up!