From the recording Welcome To Breitenstein


My minds drowning
As I try to remember that day in November
Where we wished it was June or maybe July
Cause my hearts getting frostbite from the cold outside

Rewind the tape
See what's at stake
What's left to say?

I can't be everything you need
life won't mean anything to me
we need to lay this all to rest
and find a way to dismiss
all of the things we've grown to like
the things you said that changed my mind
I can't go on living this way
It's hard to go when I should stay

Hanging on to what I know
Hazy thoughts drag me to the floor
Life can take its one-way turns
You'd think by now that I'd have learned
I'm the one in the wrong lane
That everyone thinks is insane
Everything is fine inside
Everything is fine inside
Everything is fine inside
I'm gonna go and do it right