1. Supposed to Be

From the recording Welcome To Breitenstein


I'm so tired of everything that's going on
The stress is getting into my head
I can't let go of this dread
All I want is to get little ahead
Sorry for what I said

Stop fighting, denying
I promise you I'm trying
We'll make it, or fake it
Either way we will save it

Now I'm giving you my all
Because I never saw that you really cared
I'm sorry for yelling
I hate it that I'm failing
At who I'm supposed to be

All I know
Is I'm a joke
And when I'm broke
I'll find myself coming right back home
When it snows
And I grow cold
Then I suppose
That I'll cough up regrets and my missteps

I don't know
Where to go
When life's calling me home
I put on a dumb show
As I play with time I've borrowed
And I can't explain it
That I hate what I am
My mistakes and heartbreaks
Have made me who I am today