1. Goofball

From the recording Long Story Short


Over 30 now
Much more sturdy now
But my back will sometimes ache now
I still listen to
Ocean Avenue
Cause that record still rips, dude
I got an IRA, yeah
Because my 401k
Didn't transfer from my last job
But I still wear band merch
Underneath my dress shirts
I couldn't stop punk rock even if I tried

I feel stuck
In that part of life
Where I'm not old
But I'm not a kid anymore
And honestly the more I think about it
I think I love it

I've gotta watch my HBP, and
Now I only drink decaf tea, and
I mosh more responsibly
By standing in the back and bobbing my head
I love talking about bands I've played in
I love telling the same stories over again
It's getting late, left the show early - it's fine
I already saw Blink in '99

These are the golden years