1. Chameleon Eyes

From the recording Long Story Short


I don't want any trouble
Are you blind?
Can't you read the sign
Above my front door?
No one lives here anymore

Why is everyone yelling?
Everybody's on their own soap box
Screaming at the top of their lungs
They won't stop

I just wanna hermit-ize
I'm beginning to see everything
Through chameleon eyes
Blind eyes, just pay no mind

These days now more than ever
I can't be changing like the weather
I should stress less and take a deep breath
Leave the lights on, I'm not home yet

Yeah, not today Satan
Nice try, no better luck next time
You think you're slick?
Yeah, I'm not falling for it

I can hear my Father's voice
Like a light in the dead of night
Cut through the noise
Finds me inside the void