1. Scatterbrained

From the recording Long Story Short


I broke down
anxiety is gonna get the best of me
my thoughts are scatter-brained
ideas all over the place
and I know
Get it together
positive vibes can weather any weather
I know
I've heard it before
but my brain won't shut off 'til it's sure
the doc's got pills for me
to curb anxiety
but I'm not taking
it's all in my head

I'm not sad
I'm not sad
I'm learning to be
content with where I am
with who I am
let tomorrow stress itself out
Maybe this chapter's a bummer
but my story's not done, sir
Step back when it's clearer
You're missing the big picture
I'm not sad
I'm not sad
Who I'll be
needs who I am

I broke down
getting so worked up
on circumstances
and all the chances
I never took
This is the sensible life
is it enough?
Or should I roll the dice?
I don't know
it keeps me up at night
the depressing thought
of a wasted life
I don't know
faith never felt so blind
maybe it'd be clearer
if I didn't hide