1. Long Division

From the recording Long Story Short


Retention: I can't pay attention anymore
Detention: Yeah, I can't avoid it anymore
Everyone's a professor
And they're all teaching different lessons
And they're taking forever
To say absolutely nothing

Information overload
I can't trust what I am told
Please tell me that this won't show up on the test
My grades are sinking fast
Falling behind the class
Maybe finishing last ain't so bad

Life feels like we're back in High School
And I can’t tell who lies and who tells the truth
Cliques I'll never be a part of, yeah
Eating lunch with my geeky friends
Just shove me in a locker and run
I've never been good at long division

School spirit: I'm losing my passion every day
Extra credit: I'm running out of excuses I can make
I guess the truth just won't be told
It follows where the money goes
I need to find it on my own
outside these classroom windows

I think I'm losing my mind
I won't graduate on time
You can't dangle this diploma over my head
I don't want to jump through hoops
To prove I'm in the loop
I think I know when I'm getting played, thank you anyway