From the recording This is Just Sound


You are so selfish, I know I am too
At least I can admit it, that’s more than I can say about you
I’m not trying to hurt you, this isn’t out of spite
I just really need to say this, it’s been tearing me up inside
Because if we never talk about it, we’ll never make things right,
We’ll just shove it in a bottle and be sure to seal it tight
Our bones will remain broken, our wounds will never mend,
Our words will go unspoken, this will be the end
I’m not trying to put the blame on you, it’s just as much my fault
But every time you act like this it’s just like an insult
We both know that we are throwing away time
Because every second this is unresolved I feel a little bit less alive
You’re selfish, I know I am too
But it’s not all about me, and it’s definitely not about you
Because we’re both equals, in the midst of this
Equally right and wrong, weak and strong, but the tension still exists
We both need to admit, we’ve both done things wrong
Forget the past so we can make this last, apologize and move on
I’m sorry