From the recording Long Story Short


When I was fourteen
They took me under wing
Gave me some direction and
Taught me the songs to sing, yeah
I was stoked, this
Was something special
But the wheels would come off
The glue would not hold

When I was sixteen
They pulled up stakes and left
Never said goodbye
No forwarding address, no
And I would see them
Now and again
But the damage had been done
This wall's made of brick

It's not about me
It's not my glory
I'm not the main character
In my story
Lord, I can't see
It all come together
My plans felt good
But Yours are always better

When I was eighteen
I set out on my own
Found new fellowship
A place that I could call home
Made friends, wrote songs
Formed bands and started playing shows
Found a burning in my heart
A fire that would grow

When I was twenty-two
We went our separate ways
But some of the band dudes
Never went away, no
Wrote more songs
Formed new bands
Shuffle and repeat
And after all of these years
The fire's still burning

I don't hate you
I'm just disappointed
But my friends
Those bands, the years
Wouldn't never have happened
If you didn't leave me
When I was sixteen