1. Steering Clear

From the recording Long Story Short


Now recently it has been typical
Of me to find myself at a wall again
And again, I told you I was okay
But I discovered it’s me in the way after all

I blame and I blame for all that happens to me
“Where have you gone, where have you been?”
Is all that I can think.
My frustration is evident
It tears me up inside, now my heart is weak

Now I’m in the way again
Of being the man that I was meant to be,
meant to be
I admit it’s my fault that every day
I get in the way, get in the way

Days gone by, still not a word from you
It’s been so long, I can’t remember what we’ve been through
Steering clear of sharing anything of value
It’s the reason I’ve forgotten what you said is true

I’ve been steering clear of you cause I fear
That everything will be changing here
I still believe and I want to see
The working you’re doing in me

Now you’ve taken me again to be the man
That I was meant to be, meant to be
Now my broken heart is mending
You won’t let me get in the way
You took me out of the way